June 27, 2018

ICT Support Services

Need ICT Related Support?

Please choose a service below that best matches your needs…

ICT Technical Support Services

We offer the following ICT Technical Support Services:

  1. Software Installations and Troubleshooting
  2. Hardware Replacements (T’s and C’s Apply)
  3. Exam Readiness for CAT/IT Schools
  4. SASAMS Network Configurations
  5. Telephonic Technical Assistance

If you need assistance with any of the above Technical Services, please click the button below and fill in our Technical Support Request Form. 

1. Schools that receive donations from private entities are to ensure that all donated equipment is installed by the sponsor. Large scale installations will not be done by District ICT.
2. Hardware replacements are done at the expense of the school. The IT Officer will only identify required replacement hardware. The school must purchase identified hardware before it may be installed and/or configured by the IT Officer.
3. ICT Support Services are offered free-of-charge to KZN Education Public Schools only.

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