KZN School Libraries Ambassador: Miss Constance Khabonina Nzimande

Miss Constance Khabonina Nzimande: KZN School Libraries Ambassador

BACKGROUND: Miss C.K. Nzimande started working for the Department of Education as a full time Teacher-Librarian in 2002 and was stationed at Umlazi Comprehensive Technical High School.

In 2005, Umlazi Comprehensive Technical High School won the School Library Excellent Award (SLEA), where ELITS looked at Reading Promotion, Library Development and Management, and Teacher-Librarian Professional Development.

Professional Development and Achievements

Constance has attended numerous school library workshops organized by ELITS and other stakeholders and, through her knowledge and experience, has also facilitated some workshops and received certificates. Through passion for school libraries Constance was awarded the KZN School Libraries Ambassadorship in 2017 .

Initiatives and Innovations

Having been given the responsibility of promoting reading in schools, Miss Nzimande has created an information sharing platform for KZN Teacher-librarians and Umlazi District Teacher-librarians. She has also planned and organized different celebrations (e.g. World Book & Copyright Day) to promote school libraries and reading.

I will be attending the International Association for School Librarianship Conference in Croatia in October 2019. This is an opportunity to expand and network with Teacher-librarians from other countries and also to gain more knowledge which will benefit our Province, especially Umlazi District where I work closely with School Library Advisers.

Miss Constance Khabonina Nzimande


We congratulate Constance for all her achievements and thank her for her unceasing passion and drive to see school libraries transformed within Umlazi District and the KZN Education Province. We look forward to the innovations that she will bring back from this wonderful opportunity.

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